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Ananda is the Sanskrit word for bliss; that overflowing feeling of inner joy, a feeling of completeness, connectedness with all creation, and a knowing of truth.

Ananda Life wants to help you get there with reflexology. Reflexology can be a deeply relaxing and healing experience.

It treats the whole body by applying firm but gentle pressure on the reflexes in areas on the feet, helping the body to restore and maintain its natural balance and facilitate healing.

Sensitive, trained hands can detect tiny deposits and imbalances in vital body systems and by working on the reflex points a Reflexology Therapist can release these blockages.

Supporting a variety of everyday conditions

Stress & Anxiety

stress, anxiety, lost, overwhelmed
Stress and anxiety can cause us to lose site of our path, our direction becomes unclear, and we feel like we are in a fog. Reflexology ‘s deeply relaxing experience helps to clear the fog and we regain our clarity.

Pain Relief

Pain zaps us, depleting our energy and our ability to concentrate and fulfill our bliss. Reflexology can help relieve that pain and give you back the energy you need to carry on.

Circulation Lymph Digestion

Reflexology improves circulation throughout the body and helps strengthen the immune system while assisting the body in eliminating toxins and that which is not needed. Clients notice an improvement in overall digestion

Practicing out of Healing Connections Wellness Centre

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